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BarTracks™ Label Information

We usually supply Bar Code Labels with every BarTracks™ System. This enables us to make system start-up easy for our Customers, and to assure that the system will work well from the start.
We use a durable material that meets almost all needs for indoor and outdoor Assets, over a long period, with a strong permanent adhesive. The Labels are professionally pre-printed at high temperature to assure that they will be readable for many years of use, cleaning, and wear.
The printing on the Labels includes the Asset Bar Code Number as a bar code and as a human-readable number, and optional text that identifies the organization.
The number of Labels supplied corresponds to the number of Assets to be managed, and includes enough extra to cover incoming Assets above and beyond current inventory. More Labels can always be ordered at a later date if needed.

Examples and Samples
  Pictures of some example labels used by current Customers are shown below. Actual samples are available on request; they will enable you to evaluate the material, adhesive, and printing.  
  Label Sizes  
  The recommended width of the labels depends on the number of Assets to be managed. This is because more Assets require larger Asset Numbers and wider bar codes. We recommend label widths as shown below:  
No. Assets Managed Number of
Digits in Bar Code
Recommended Minimum Label Width Recommended Label Height
Up to 99,999
1.5 inches
0.375, 0.5, 0.625, or 0.75 inch
Up to 999,999
1.75 inches
0.5 or 0.75 inch
Up to 9,999,999
2.0 inches
0.5, 0.625, or 0.75 inch
  Of course, wider labels are possible. Narrower labels require some testing to assure that the bar codes will be readable "under field conditions"; the narrower the bar code the more difficult it is to read.  


  Options for Bar Code Numbers  

We recommend one simple sequence of numbers for all bar codes, both Assets and Rooms. For example, starting with 00001 and running through 99999. This makes it easy to keep track of labels, and less expensive, too.

The BarTracks™ PC and Scanner programs automatically keep track of an Asset's Funding Type.
Some organizations prefer to have an initial letter indicate the Funding Type for an Asset. BarTracks™ can easily use this numbering approach, too.

For example, Military organizations manage APF (Appropriated Funds) and NAF (Non-Appropriated Funds) separately. They use A for APF Assets and N for NAF in the Bar Code Labels. Universities use different abbreviations for their Funding Types such as G for Grant. It only requires three separate series of labels. This approach is a little more costly because it requires printing three series of labels instead of one. It also requires keeping track of the labels to assure that each doorjamb and each Asset gets the correct type of label.


  Options for Customized Label Text  

As shown in the samples above, we recommend one or two lines of text above the bar code, and one line with the human readable Bar Code Number below. The text at the top usually identifies the organization (e.g., "DCA Lodging, Fort Mc Coy, WI").

With a little more cost and time required, we can supply labels with colored bands, as shown in the samples above.


  Label Material  

We use Fasson® 2 Mil White Printable Polyester as the basic material for our labels. It is flexible, rugged, and durable, capable of lasting without damage or peeling for many years. It has excellent tear strength, heat resistance, dimensional stability, opacity and chemical resistance.

If you need more details, we will gladly supply the technical specification sheet for this material. If you have reason to use a specific alternative material, we will be happy to consider it.


  Label Adhesive  

The adhesive Fasson® S333 is permanent for all practical purposes, when placed on a clean surface, unless somebody consciously attempts to scrape, peel, and remove the labels. We recommend cleaning the surface with an alcohol wipe before application. The labels can be applied at temperatures above +25°F(-4°C), and used and stored at temperatures between -40° F to 300° F (-40° C to 149° C).
We will supply the technical specifications of this adhesive upon request.
Number of Labels Supplied
This depends on the size of the BarTracks™ System purchased. It ranges from 2,000 to 500,000 labels, as required. Labels come in rolls of 1,000. In general, we recommend enough labels for the initial inventory of Assets plus 20%. This allows for receiving new inventory items while implementing BarTracks™.
It is always easy and fairly inexpensive to acquire additional labels as needed.
Some Customers have many or all of their Assets already labeled with bar codes. In these cases, we can almost always use those Bar Code Numbers and Labels in BarTracks™, saving cost and effort.


  Extra-Tough Labels for Tools, Vehicles, Extreme Conditions  

Some of our Customers use BarTracks™ for labeling power tools used in construction, vehicles, playground equipment, and other Assets exposed to rough use and the elements.

We can supply Bar Code Labels that work under these conditions. If you need them, just ask!


  Bar Code and Text Printing  

We have our labels printed by specialists using professional high-temperature printing equipment, software, techniques, and quality assurance processes. Because we maintain close relationships with our printers, we can almost always provide our labels with better quality at rates lower than those available from general catalogs and websites.

Labels can usually be delivered in five to seven working days plus shipping time. We usually ship by UPS Ground; overnight shipping can be arranged at cost.

  If you have questions or need alternatives to the samples shown above, please contact us. We can surely supply labels of suitable size, material, and performance to meet your needs and preferences.